Yana Naidenov untitled 2017, De Ateliers, sculpture, contemporary

Ateliers, 2017






Yana Naidenov, work detail 2017, De Ateliers, sculpture, contemporary












Yana Naidenov, sculpture 2017, sculpture, contemporary












Yana Naidenov sculpture detail 2017














Yana Naidenov sculpture, silicone 2017









Yana Naidenov, detail, 2017; silicone, sand, rebar, contemporary sculpture














Yana Naidenov sculpture, 2017











Yana Naidenov, sculpture 2017, detail, concrete, electric cable, silicone, wire













Yana Naidenov, SELENE, 2017, at Institut fuer Bienenzucht

SELENE, 2017; Institut für Bienenzucht, London











Yana Naidenov, 2017












Yana Naidenov, work detail, 2017, silicone















Yana Naidenov, untitled, 2017















Yana Naidenov, untitled 2017, detail
































Yana Naidenov, 2017, De Ateliers, Amsterdam, contemporary art, sculpture




































Yana Naidenov, Eye Scaffold, installed at CASS Sculpture Foundation, United Kingdom 2016, contemporary art, sculpture

Eye Scaffold, install at CASS Sculpture Foundation, Chichester, 2016 (photography by Barney Hindle)











Yana Naidenov solo exhibition, Josh Lilley, London

Eye Scaffold, 2015, solo exhibition at Josh Lilley, London









Yana Naidenov artwork detail, Eye Scaffold


























Yana Naidenov, contemporary art, LCD 2015












Yana Naidenov, Breadboard 2015, contemporary art










Yana Naidenov, Visor 2015











Yana Naidenov, 2016, artwork, Be Seein' You, 53 Beck Road

Be seein' you, 2016; 53 Beck Road, London












Butterfly, 2016












Rocococcyx, 2016; Matola, Mozambique














Yana Naidenov, Bryn Lloyd-Evans, 2014, contemporary art, sculpture

At the Edge of Town, with Bryn Lloyd-Evans, 2014, Josh Lilley, London










Yana Naidenov, Royal College of Art, 2013, sculpture










Yana Naidenov, The Peninsula Hotel, 2015, sculpture

How a stone learns to fly, The Peninsula, New York, 2015












Tales of bathtub gin in the year of the dig, 2012














Yana Naidenov, 2017

Untitled, 2013











Untitled, 2013











Untitled, 2011















B.1988 Maputo, Mozambique.



2018 Offspring, De Ateliers, Amsterdam (forthcoming)
2015 Eye Scaffold, Josh Lilley, London


2016 CASS Sculpture Foundation, Chichester
2015 The Peninsula Hotel, NewYork


2017 SELBST, Institut für Bienenzucht, 14 Ickburgh Road, London

2016 Water Biscuit, Josh Lilley, London
........ The Eyes Have It, 53 Beck Road, London

2015 Tyrants & Sirens, curated by Jelena Seng and Paddy Butler, 53 Beck Road, London
......... Artíssima, Josh Lilley, Turin

2014 Time to hit the road, curated by Gerson Zevi, Leila Heller, New York
.........Artíssima, Josh Lilley, Turin
.........At the Edge of Town, with Bryn Lloyd-Evans, Josh Lilley, London
.........For(Matter), Atelier Concorde, Lisboa
.........Aspect, Kingsgate Gallery, London
.........The Armory Show, Josh Lilley, New York

2013 The London Project Goes North, curated by Gerson Zevi, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield
.........The London Project, curated by Gerson Zevi, 226 Old Brompton Road, London
.........Show 2013, Royal College of Art, London

2012 Paradise, 4 Via Ventura, Salone del Mobile, Milan
.........Summer show, Royal College of Art, London
.........Appropriate response, Vulpes Vulpes, London
.........Jovens Criadores, Mercado Municipal, Cascais
.........Kiss the Future, Schwartz Gallery, London

2011 Final show, Byam Shaw School of Art, London
.........Pataphores, Islington Arts Factory, London



De Ateliers, Amsterdam (2016-18)
Atelier Concorde, Lisboa (July 2014 )
Land Art Road Trip, itinerant residency, Gerson Zevi, USA (Sept-Oct 2013)
Kingsgate Workshops, London (2013-14)


2016 De Ateliers grant, ASF and OCW Ministry, Amsterdam
2014 Projects grant (Atelier Concorde), Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa
2012 Fine Art Bursary, Royal College of Art, London


Critic's choice, by Jackie Wullshlager, Life & Arts, FTWeekend (26/09/2015)
More exhibitions including Malevich and Mondrian, by Jackie Wullshlager, Financial Times (July 25 2014)
Land Art Road Trip, The Lightning Field; Suitcase Magazine, by Matteo Zevi (May 2014)



Josh Lilley